Democrat Pam Keith wants to tackle voter fraud, but could be committing it herself

Democrat Pam Keith wants to tackle voter fraud, but could be committing it herself

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 29, 2020

Just as the Department of Justice and local authorities announced that they would be investigating what appears to be blatant voter fraud in Minneapolis after supporters of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) are caught on tape illegally harvesting ballots, the cases of alleged voter fraud are popping up across the country, and in Florida, Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith could also soon be under a potential voter fraud investigation.

According to The Heritage Foundation, Keith may have committed voter fraud:

“FALSE REGISTRATIONS: Voting under fraudulent voter registrations that either use a phony name and a real or fake address or claim residence in a particular jurisdiction where the registered voter does not actually live and is not entitled to vote. DUPLICATE VOTING: Registering in multiple locations”

Since first running for the U.S. Senate in 2016, the consummate candidate has dismissed the claims that voter fraud exists, but is she committing voter fraud herself by not living where she is registered to vote?

Keith has voted in both the primary and general elections in Florida in 2012,2014,2016, and 2018, and has mailed in her absentee ballot in five of those elections.

According to public records, Keith has been an active and registered voter listed at an address in Fort Pierce, Florida since 2011, but just a couple weeks ago, Keith is now listing a new Palm Beach Gardens address as her new residence.

This house where Keith is currently registered to vote at has changed ownership three times since she’s been registered and that she’s never been listed on any of the deeds?

Keith’s new residence is listed on a profile page of the Palm Beach Post and her Linkedin account, but her voter registration is still listed as being in Fort Pierce. 

*** Correction — The Palm Beach Post Link was linked to Keith's 2018 congressional profile. We meant to link it to her Linkedin account but linked it to the Post profile instead, even though both social media accounts list Palm Beach Gardens as Keith's residence.  As of today 9/30/20, Keith appears to still be stating that her current residence is still in Palm Beach Gardens.

The federal government states that voting Americans “must update” their address with the respective “local election official” when they change their residence.

Since 2011, Keith has packed up a U-Haul truck and moved several times, and in 2016, one of those stops appears to be Miami.

Keith was referred to as a Miami resident by the Miami Herald  during her run for the U.S. Senate in 2016, and even received tens of thousands of candidate loan forgiveness dollars, money that was sent in 2019 to the very same Miami, Florida address listed as her residence.

According to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Keith received $57,800 in loan forgiveness from her congressional campaign in 2017. The Pam Keith for Congress campaign wrote two checks totaling that amount to Keith’s apparent Miami address. See below.

Keith, who is running to unseat incumbent wounded Combat Veteran Rep. Brian Mast (R) in Florida's 18th congressional district, recently implied that President Trump would be killed by Russians or Americans when he left office.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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