Overinflated Damages, Higher Cost of Insurance

Overinflated Damages, Higher Cost of Insurance

August 27, 2020

By Doug Korinke

If you’ve noticed an increase in your insurance costs, you’re not alone. For many Floridians, rising insurance costs have become the new norm, and overinflated medical damages in personal injury lawsuits are largely to blame.

Florida’s current laws regarding medical damages allow for major discrepancies between the actual costs of treatment and what the court sees. What does the court see? The only number that lands in front of a judge is the amount a patient gets billed. The problem is that what the patient is billed is often a much higher amount than what the patient actually pays in the end. As a result, the courts are forced to pay a plaintiff far more than what would be considered fair compensation, and Floridians are left to foot the bill.

In order to get Florida’s healthcare costs under control, we must start by ensuring accuracy in damages in personal injury lawsuits so that we can put a stop to the inflated damages awards that are spiking the cost of our insurance.

Doug Korinke

Small Businessman

Glades County State GOP Committeeman

198 Avenue J

Moore Haven, FL 33471

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