Trump Victory pushes back against Annie Marie Delgado's bigoted statements

Trump Victory pushes back against Annie Marie Delgado's bigoted statements

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
July 20, 2020

Every election cycle Republicans and Democrats take part in their own political party in-fighting because one or two, or more individuals allow their egos to get in the way of helping elect their respective political candidates. This is the case in Palm Beach County, Florida where Annie Marie Delgado president of Trump Team 2020 Florida, Inc., along with a few of her associates, including conspiracy theorist and commentary Ann Vandersteel, are now waging war on anyone that disagrees with them or does not subscribe to their political jousting.

Last week, The Floridian posted a story about how the Lincoln Project is reported to be entering the political fray against the president in the Sunshine State, and how Trump Victory sent Delgado (2) cease and desist letters that accused her of falsely representing herself as an “affiliate or authorized agent of the Campaign”

After Delgado posted a slanderous screed condemning the story, Vandersteel posted on her Facebook wall that the story was “Fake News” and had “NO FACT OR EVIDENCED.”

Well, if she wants more proof as to the accuracy of our reporting. Here you have it.

The Floridian reached out to the official Trump Victory campaign earlier today for comment, and no less than two campaign spokespersons called us back, both reminding us that “we don’t want anything to do with her (Delgado)” and that she “definitely” was not employed or in any way associated with them.  Both spokesperson also pointed to the aforementioned cease and desist letters the campaign sent Delgado.

One of the Washington-based spokespersons went as far as to say they were not “working with her in any way” and that she was persona non grata with them.

Here are the two cease and desist letters:

Letter #1


Letter #2

What is more disturbing about her behavior is the appearance of bigotry towards people of the Jewish faith and the LGBT community, as Delgado has inexplicably decided to target conservative journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer for character assassination.

In one of many social media rantings against Loomer, Delgado, who  has boasted about her relationship with President Trump, is promoting images, links, and text that could be perceived as anti-Gay and anti-Semitic. Delgado also refers to Loomer’s campaign manager as a “lesbian."

Here is Delgado, who has ties to congressional candidate Christian Acosta, referring to Laura Loomer as Larry Loomer, an obvious disparagement that Loomer is really a man and not a woman. 

Delgado also retweeted an anti-Jewish image of Loomer (who is Jewish) with a Star of David superimposed on her forehead with a money sign.









Another one of  Loomer’s primary opponents is Reba Sherrill, who also blatantly accused Loomer of being a man, referring to her as "S/He" and "Her/His."

Sherrill recently told The Floridian that she “gave up her license” to practice medicine” because she felt that she was doing more harm than good. When asked where she went to medical school, Sherrill said that she didn’t remember.

Q: Where did you go to school?

Sherrill: In Tennessee and I went to school in Florida.

Q: I'm sorry which college did you go to?

Sherrill: I don’t know, they changed the name I don't even know what it's called anymore.

“I am nationally certified in Oncology,” said Sherril.  I used to perform bone marrow transplants, but I walked away from that 30 years ago. I gave up my license and uh I don't practice medicine anymore.”

We have yet to find any record of Sherrill practicing medicine as a medical doctor in both Tennessee and Florida.

But what is probably the most bizarre and quite possibly the funniest “Oops!” moment for Delgado is the attack video against Loomer she uploaded and posted on her Facebook wall.

In the video Delgado posted, an image of Loomer pointing at a t-shirt that reads “Islam kills Fags.” Unfortunately for Delgado, the real “Fake News” moment was when she retweeted an anti-Loomer  Twitter handle that used the same image, only this time the image was photoshopped to read “I Kill Fags” forgetting that the real image was in the video.


Here is the actual image:

Here is the photoshopped image:


As for Vandersteel, well, it appears that she thinks the Spanish language is really the Mexican language. Because all Hispanics and Latinos speak "Mexican."

TruVandersteel posted this meme on her Facebook wall stating that “Goya” was a “Mexican word.” In actuality, “Goya” is the name of the founder of Goya Foods, an immigrant who traveled from the  U.S. from Spain at the turn of the 21st century.

Goya is a Spanish or Latin name or word, not a “Mexican word.”



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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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