Mucarsel-Powell Takes Jab At Trump's Pardon Power

Mucarsel-Powell Takes Jab At Trump's Pardon Power

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 24, 2020

Florida Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) took to the House Floor to slam President Trump, speaking on behalf of legislation that would ensure "that any president is held accountable - Republican, Democrat, man, woman - for crimes committed just like any other America would."Specifically, Mucarsel-Powell was showing support for the Abuse of the Pardon Prevention Act, which she said is going to tackle the issue of President Trump trying "to keep the public from hearing the truth."

Sharing her House Floor speech on Twitter, the Florida freshman commented that "when a president abuses the pardon power to protect himself or as a bribe, there must be consequences."

Mucarsel-Powell asserted that "this is how democracies fail," adding that "this is what I saw in Latin America, where dictators hold themselves and their cronies above the rune of law and above the people."

In response, Florida Rep. Greg Steube (R) shot back at Rep. Mucarsel-Powell and Democrats, arguing that the only thing Democrats have done in office is try "to attack President Trump without merit."

Sharing his own House floor speech on Twitter, the Florida Republican believes that "Democrats have done everything possible to take down President Trump since day one." Steube, who's a long-time critic of former Vice President Joe Biden (D) added that he "offered an amendment to their sham legislation to level the playing field and hold Joe Biden accountable for his actions and Burisma corruption."

The back and forth comes at a time when both Republicans and Democrats have been contentious regarding the president and his most recent actions regarding pardons. 

Steube shared his frustration, arguing that "Democrats continue these meritless attacks on the president." 

Ultimately, he questioned, "when will this end?"

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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