Spano files bill to hold inefficient federal government accountable

Spano files bill to hold inefficient federal government accountable

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 17, 2020

Florida Rep. Ross Spano (R) has introduced the Federal Agency Sunset Act set to create a temporary federal commission that will find inefficiencies within the federal government. As well, it will determine which federal agencies' functions should be relegated to the private sector along with proposing recommendations for eliminating agencies deemed unnecessary.

In a statement, the Florida lawmaker commented that “the federal government is riddled with inefficient processes and redundant agencies that only cost taxpayers money,” adding that “we need to make our government leaner and to serve the American public in a more efficient way.” Moreover, Spano argued that “our national debt has skyrocketed out of control, and I believe if we do not make serious reforms, it will be our largest national security threat, crippling us from within.”

In the Senate, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has voiced his support for the measure, having introduced the original legislation to which Spano’s is the companion of.

In a statement, Scott expressed his support by noting that “this year’s federal budget deficit will be the largest in the history of our nation.” He added that “Congress has to get serious about how we are spending taxpayer dollars,” admitting that “the Federal Agency Sunset Act, which will help eliminate the waste and redundancies that we see throughout the federal government, is a common-sense way to help make Washington work.”

Senator Scott championed the work that Rep. Spano has been doing in the House, saying that Spano has been “leading this effort in the House as we continue working to rein-in out of control spending and create more accountability for taxpayer dollars.”

The Federal Agency Sunset Act is part of Spano’s “Great American Comeback” economic recovery plan, and Spano asserts that it is the right move to ensure that the United States gets its national debt under control.

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Daniel Molina

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