Scott touts

Scott touts "game-changer" coronavirus vaccine

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 17, 2020

The state total regarding coronavirus cases has now reached 80,000 as the sunshine state added 2,783 new cases on Tuesday. With a new coronavirus vaccine bill introduced, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) took part in an interview with Fox News to discuss the contents of the bill and what the goal is for it to become law.

In the interview, Senator Scott elaborated on his views regarding China and the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes requiring national security clearance for those involved in vaccine research, enhancing multi-agency vetting for those currently in the United States and authorizing the Department of Homeland Security to monitor those involved in COVID-19 research.

The former Florida Governor said that “we know the game changer with the coronavirus is this vaccine,” adding that “we have funded the development of this vaccine” and that he is “very optimistic” of Americans being able to take it.

Scott detailed that “we have our intelligence agencies telling us that Communist China is trying to sabotage or delay our vaccine.” In response, what the Senator is proposing is for “the Chinese students that want to come over here and work on the vaccine, we’re gonna vet you. We’re just gonna make sure that you’re not gonna do anything to sabotage or delay our vaccine.”

Ultimately, the Florida lawmaker made a distinction between what America’s goal is and what China’s goal is, explaining that “If America or Europe or Australia, any country that’s a democracy, gets the vaccine, we’re gonna share it. We’re gonna help the whole world.”

In contrast, “Communist China cares about the Communist party of China and that’s it.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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