Scott Reaffirms Disapproval of Bailing out Blue States
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Scott Reaffirms Disapproval of Bailing out Blue States


Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has been on the offensive when it comes to the Chinese Communist government, voicing his support for the United States to sanction China, saying that China refuses “to allow investigators to study how this outbreak started.” Moreover, with some states asking for the federal government to provide a bailout, both Florida Senators Marco Rubio (R) and Scott have voiced their disapproval of such a measure. Earlier this month, the Senator directed a letter to the editor of the New York Times, responding to an editorial that asked for federal funding to bail out states.

In his response, Senator Scott argued that “the issue at hand is not about what the citizens of our states pay in and receive in federal taxes and benefits,” “it’s about how states have managed their budgets and which ones are better prepared to withstand the coming fiscal year.”

This week, in an interview with Fox and Friends, the Florida lawmaker doubled down on his disagreement with the financial measure, explaining that “Cuomo just wasted money year after year,” adding that “we have to live within our means.”

Taking aim at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during the interview, the former Florida Governor expressed that Cuomo “would just borrow more money every year, and then he’d get mad at me because I would recruit New York companies and New Yorkers” by saying “come to my state. The weather’s better, the regulations [are] less, and you can keep some of your money” that New York won’t let you keep.

Sharing the snippet from the interview, Scott added on Twitter that “states like NY, CA and IL refuse to live within their means so they want well-managed states to bail them out.” He asserted that “it’s wrong and I’ll keep fighting to protect Florida’s taxpayers.”

Daniel Molina

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