Nikki Fried hypocritically violates stay-at-home order

Nikki Fried hypocritically violates stay-at-home order

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 13, 2020

Nikki Fried (D), Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, is receiving some criticism over a Tallahassee Democrat report that she traveled to Atlanta over the Easter Weekend and appeared on MSNBC Friday Night. This comes after a stay-at-home-order was placed on the state, an order she has been pressing upon Floridians.

I guess this order only applies to everyone else but Fried, who used her appearance on the network to continue her criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

After it was revealed that she had traveled over the weekend to Atlanta, Franco Ripple, the Commissioner’s Communications Director, commented on Twitter that she was in Atlanta to “pick up her stepkids from their mom.” Franco explained that this is “something millions of families are going through with parental time-sharing during this pandemic (not to mention the religious holiday weekend.”

This may have very well been the case, but then why did she feel compelled to go on MSNBC and expose herself and her family to infection?

Oh No! And then there is this Stay-At-Home OP-ED Fried wrote demanding that DeSantis put in place the order for the entire state of Florida. You really can't make this up!


"No governor in recent history would have expected to make the decision that California, Illinois and over a dozen other states have made in the past few days — ordering their residents to stay in their homes, and closing non-essential businesses. These decisions are not without enormous economic impact. But they were necessary for one reason: to save lives.

It’s not easy to be in charge. But being in charge demands bold action and decisive leadership at the best of times, let alone when facing down the worst pandemic in a century. History will judge the action, or inaction, taken right now to protect lives.

State leaders have our limits. As Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, I’m focused on ensuring millions of Florida’s children don’t go hungry while schools are closed, securing our food banks and food supply chain from farms to grocery shelves, and protecting consumers from scams and fraud in this vulnerable time.

I recognize the difficult decisions Gov. DeSantis has already had to make. But there are things only a governor can do. That’s why last week, I asked the governor to implement a statewide “stay-at-home” order, just as 20 states have now done."

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Daniel Molina

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