Adam Schiff: Pardoning Roger Stone would be an “act of corruption”
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Adam Schiff: Pardoning Roger Stone would be an “act of corruption”


With former Trump advisor Roger Stone being sentenced to 40 in prison for lying to Congress and witness tampering, the president crying foul, saying that others like James Comey and Andrew McCabe will never see a day in prison for what they did, including lying to the FBI.

But now House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff appears to be priming motors for another potential impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Moments after Stone was sentenced Rep. Schiff tweeted that if Trump pardoned Stone “when his crimes were committed to protect” Trump,” the act would be a “breathtaking act of corruption.”

Schiff is all-but stating that he would seek corruption charges against Trump if the pardon comes to pass.

Stone was allowed to leave the courthouse after sentencing. A presidential pardon could still be on the table for Stone.


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