Mucarsel-Powell Accuses Trump of Dictatorial Tendencies
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Mucarsel-Powell Accuses Trump of Dictatorial Tendencies


In a week of Florida Republicans blasting Nicolas Maduro and the communist regime holding power over Venezuela, Florida Democrats have been hard at work as articles of impeachment seem to come to fruition against the President.

Freshman Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) took part in the impeachment inquiry today, saying that the greatest threat the United States has faced in recent years is foreign intervention in the election. Although the investigation into President Trump’s win showed that there was no foreign intervention, the Florida congresswoman commented that “there’s every indication that they’re trying to do the same thing right now” when speaking about Russia.

No fan of the President, Mucarsel-Powell argued that “our elected officials are elected by the people, but President Trump doesn’t share these ideas. He has and continues to demand foreign interference into our elections.”

Taking to Twitter to share an excerpt of her comments during the impeachment inquiry, the Mucarsel-Powell detailed that “the continuing pattern of behavior we have seen from President Trump is a warning to the American people.”

Moreover, she warned that “it is the beginning of a dictatorship – something I have seen firsthand in Latin America,” a statement that all-but accuses Trump of being a dictator.

In response, critics have downplayed communist criticism, noting that the United States has a balance of power whereas communist countries do not.

Still, as the impeachment inquiry continues well into the 2020 election season, both sides of the aisle are sure to continue engaging in debates and discussions.

Daniel Molina

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