ALOHA! Scott Suggests Hawaiians Move to Florida
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ALOHA! Scott Suggests Hawaiians Move to Florida


Senator Rick Scott (R) has targeted Hawaiians in his most recent tweet, and he provides advice that he believes will keep more money in their pockets.

Since his gubernatorial days, Senator Scott has been an advocate of high-tax state individuals moving to the sunshine state to not only stimulate Florida’s economy but to also ensure that they are not financially affected by high taxes.

Scott continued his support for blue states to lower their taxes, the freshman Senator and former Governor of Florida responded to a Wall Street Journal article that noted that “people are leaving Hawaii for the same reasons they leave Illinois and California: high costs and lack of opportunity.”

In his response, Senator Scott commented that “Hawaiians are struggling under the same tax and spend policies of New York, Illinois, and others,” asserting that “we already know they don’t work.”

What’s his solution to this growing concerning?

“Move to Florida!” he argues, explaining that “the sunshine and beaches are great and the taxes are lower!”

Earlier this year, Kiplinger noted that “the Sunshine State is well known for its absence of a state income tax, and its property taxes are below the midpoint for the U.S. Florida is one of Kiplinger’s top ten most tax-friendly states.”

With Governor Ron DeSantis (R) being Senator Scott’s successor as Governor of Florida, DeSantis has vowed to not only keep taxes low but to also work to improve Florida’s economy.

Daniel Molina

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