Whistleblower’s Attorney gets defensive after his tweets are questioned
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Whistleblower’s Attorney gets defensive after his tweets are questioned


The attorney for the whistleblower at the center of the House impeachment inquiry, Mark Zaid,  got a little defensive today when former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly called his 2017 anti-Trump tweets “clearly partisan” and “harshly anti-Trump & reveal an unambiguous desire to oust the prez.”

The defensive Zaid tweeted that he found it “amazing how many ppl completely misunderstand def of “partisan”. I have zero affiliation w/politics other than holding all public officials accountable. I wasn’t aware in America citizens had to like their president. Those are dictatorships.”

Zaid included in his tweet a link to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of the term “partisan.”

Per the dictionary, the definition of the term partisan is “a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person.”

In reading Zaid’s tweets, the partisanship he showed can be directed to the adherence of a ’cause,’ the cause to impeach President Trump. Actually, the case can be made that he may have started this very ’cause’ when he called for Trump’s impeachment less than two weeks into his presidency.

Look here:

More Trump hate:


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