The Climate Change “War on Burgers” heats up in 2020
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The Climate Change “War on Burgers” heats up in 2020


The Progressive movement’s “War on Burgers” sizzles under the “Climate Change” hot lamps as 2020 Democratic presidential Pete Buttigieg believes “eating a burger” affects climate change.

In an interview with CNN, Buttigieg was asked what he would do to address Climate Change.

“Looking at it mostly from the perspective of guilt, said Buttigieg “Using a straw, or eating a burger. Am I part of the problem? In a certain way, yes.

But while he thinks that plastic straws and burgers lead to climate change, Buttigieg is hard-pressed to give up eating meat or drinking out of a plastic straw, as these images show him indulging in both.

Buttigieg’s primary opponent, Sen. Kamala Harris says she loves eating “cheeseburgers from time to time” but would change the dietary guidelines to reduce read meat” consumption, if elected president.

While 2020 Democrats rail against plastic straws, The Trump 2020 campaign is busy selling their own brand of straw.


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