Liberal groups threaten supporters of Trump’s “henchmen”
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Liberal groups threaten supporters of Trump’s “henchmen”


Liberal groups are taking credit for former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen canceling her planned appearance at the annual The Atlantic Festival, where she was slated to be interviewed by the group.

“Public pressure from thousands of CREDO members and grassroots activists forced Kirstjen Nielsen to withdraw from the Atlantic Fest, which is a huge victory and should set a precedent for not putting profits over morals when it comes to Trump administration alumni.”-CREDO said in a statement

Credo Action laid out a blanket threat to any business or “people who worked hand-in-hand with Trump to separate families, lock babies up in cages, and terrorize communities of color.”

“Public backlash will be swift and powerful for anyone who tries to help rehabilitate the reputations of Trump’s top henchmen,” stated CREDO Action

The militant-sounding group’s campaign director, Nicole Regalado, told The Hill “No one from Trump’s administration should get a soft landing to sanitize their actions while supporting and pushing forward a white nationalist, fascist agenda.”


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