Sen. Scott Slams

Sen. Scott Slams "Socialism" in Democratic Debate

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 27, 2019

Last night, the first debate of a two-night planned event took place.

Critics have noted that Secretary Julian Castro (D) emerged as the winner of the night, but Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) noted that viewers were the losers because Democrats proposed nothing but socialist policies that he believes Americans will ultimately reject.

In an interview with Fox Business’ Varney & Co., Senator Scott shared his thoughts on what he believes is a socialist platform that is being normalized within the Democratic party, and the fact that Democrats are not addressing the root cause of the crisis at the border.

This, he argues, will harm American families in the long run.

From Capitol Hill, Senator Scott voiced his displeasure at watching the debate held in Miami, Florida.

Scott commented that, after listening to the 10 Democrats on the stage, “we don’t have to work anymore. Everything’s free. And, by the way, if you do work, the taxes are gonna be so high.”

He asserted that “It’s hard to believe that anybody takes these people seriously.”

Finally, on the issue of illegal immigration, Senator Scott blasted Democrats, saying that they “will not vote to secure our border, will not change our asylum laws, and then they want to go out and attack the wonderful people that are trying to take care of our borders, make sure drugs are not coming across our border, make sure terrorists are not coming across our border, and somehow they’re the bad guys.”

Slamming Secretary Castro’s advocacy for open borders, Senator Scott said that the Democratic party in view last night was not “my dad’s Democrat party.”

Scott expressed that “my dad’s Democrat party said, ‘I care about you having a job.’ The Democrat party of today says ‘we want open borders, bring all the drugs in, bring all the terrorists in. We don’t care. We’re gonna tax the living daylight’s out of you, regulate you, we’re gonna tell you how to lead your life. And, by the way, that private health insurance you got is gone. You’re not gonna have any more of that.”

To this, Senator Scott questioned, “wasn’t Soviet Russia doing that when we were growing up?”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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