Rep. Kildee: Trump

Rep. Kildee: Trump "Right to Take on China"

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 12, 2019

President Trump’s trade wars with Mexico and China have been contentious topics, and the Mexico rivalry culminated at the end of last week when the country announced that they would become more involved in actively trying to curtail illegal immigration.

Though Democrats and President Trump find themselves on opposite sides of many arguments, one Democrat is reaching over the aisle and saying that the President is right in taking on China.

The President has continuously defended the use of tariffs on Chinese imports if no progress is made at the G20 Summit with President Xi Jinping, China’s president.

Rep. Dan Kildee, a Michigan Democrat, does not entirely agree with President Trump’s tactics, but he expressed that “the President was right to take on China on these structural problems that we see in terms of the way China interacts with the rest of the world.”

Moreover, speaking to Yahoo Finance, Kildee asserted that “when he’s right, he’s right, when he’s wrong, he’s wrong,” adding that he finds “a lot of times when he’s wrong. But in this case, he was right to take them out.”

However, Kildee disagrees with the President using U.S. allies instead of working with them, saying that when the President “used 232 tariffs against Canada, declaring them to be a national security threat, in order to put pressure on China over steel – I think that was a big mistake. We lost credibility.”

With Mexico, the President’s threat called for a 5% tariff that would’ve been implemented on all Mexican goods starting on June 10th, and the tariffs would increase to 10% on July 1st. Then, on the first day of the following three months, it would’ve been raised by an additional 5%, and the tariffs would be capped at 25%.

Though it received criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, Mexico made the announcement that they would cooperate.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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