Rep. Ilhan Omar says ICE brutalizes illegal immigrants
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Rep. Ilhan Omar says ICE brutalizes illegal immigrants


Due to the immigration crisis along the U.S. border with Mexico, several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, have been calling for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Now controversial U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) is following their lead and demanding that the government agency be scrapped because of its “militarized” and “brutal” practices.

Rep. Omar cites the liberal website The Young Turks (TYT), who obtained a document for ICE that outlines the most recent preventable deaths of detainees, and incidents in where the agency showed inadequacies in dealing with existing medical issues.

The two-page report also shows a graph outlining that 5 detainees’ drug and alcohol addictions were improperly treated by ICE.

“ICE’s failure to detox its detainees has resulted in seizures, according to additional documents obtained by TYT. One report details an incident at ICE’s Florence Correctional Center in Arizona, in which a detainee who had taken Xanax daily had a seizure, resulting in a laceration to his left eye. According to the report, ICE failed to provide the medical provider with the detainee’s medical history.”-TYT

Now it’s the U.S. government’s job to treat the addiction problems of foreign nationals?

The report also mentions the suicide of two detainees who were not giving the proper treatment for their mental illnesses.

“The memo plainly says of another ICE detainee, “Suicide victim, Mr. Efrain De La Rosa, could have been saved.” The document goes on to state that ICE “received a total of 12 SEN [Significant Event Notifications] reports prior to his death, depicting suicidal ideation and psychosis.”

Outside of several instances where some detainees were treated harshly and other segregated for medical and disciplinary reasons, it seems a bit of a stretch to say that ICE is “militarized” and “brutal.”

Considering that there are thousands of illegal immigrants streaming into the country, the U.S. government is ill-prepared to house and treat every migrant. ICE and CBP have been sounding the alarm that their respective agencies were over-extended and all-but overrun by the massive influx of alien immigrants.


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