Fmr. Obama campaign mgr. says Trump would beat Sanders
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Fmr. Obama campaign mgr. says Trump would beat Sanders


Florida Senator Marco Rubio is hitting back at Democratic-Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who’s currently behind Vice President Joe Biden in many polls concerning the favorites for 2020 Presidential candidates on the Democratic party’s side.

In a new email sent out from the Florida lawmaker, the Senator slams Sanders, saying that “Bernie’s new government controlled healthcare plan is a disaster.”

Rubio explains that Bernie’s plan “will increase our taxes by $16.2 trillion and cost us over $32 trillion in the next 10 years.”

Furthermore, Bernie’s plan “would illegalize private insurance, kicking 180,000,000 Americans off their current plans.”

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The email also indicates that a public poll found only 13% who support “Bernie’s socialist healthcare takeover,” but that people shouldn’t “expect to hear that from the media.”

Rubio concludes that “this healthcare plan is a socialist disaster built only to appease Bernie’s radical base to raise his profile going into his 2020 Presidential bid.”

The popular Senator from Vermont entered a crowded Democratic race, and he faced criticism earlier this week when it was reported that he is in fact part of the “1%” that he has grown famous for slamming in his campaign rallies.

And, though he is seen as a controversial figure within the crowded group of Democratic nominees, he is still receiving strong support. Still, that doesn’t mean that all Democrats are ready to get behind him, or that they believe he can defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.

Jim Messina, former campaign manager for President Obama’s re-election campaign, recently shared his thoughts on what he believes will be the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, and he explained that “Bernie Sanders is unlikely going to be able to stand up to the constant barrage that is Donald Trump on economic issues.”

Messina added that swing voters were “incredibly focused on the economy” and that the candidates that won the last five presidential elections scored a “win” in the economic argument with swing voters.

Messina concluded that “you have to excite your base and turn out people, and you have to win swing voters. And we are going to look for a nominee who can do both. Today, you would say in a general election context, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be that candidate.”

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