Rick Scott vows to protect healthcare, pre-existing conditions

Rick Scott vows to protect healthcare, pre-existing conditions


President Trump is moving to completely ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare, which means that all the good and bad within the law will cease to exist, including covering pre-existing conditions.

If anything, good has come out of the Affordable Care Act is the coverage of pre-existing conditions, because everyone has some past injury or illness that may come into question down the road.

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) tweeted earlier this week that he would file an amendment to make sure Americans don’t lose the pre-existing condition healthcare coverage. Scott has also just announced that he filed The Transparent Drug Pricing Act.

Scott’s bill would address price transparency, fairness, and being able to buy prescription drugs from other countries like Canada.

“American consumers are facing a crisis of rising drugs costs and we can’t wait any longer. I urge every Senator to put themselves in the shoes of a family or a senior living on a fixed income who’s seen their drug costs triple in just a few years,” said Scott in a statement. “This is about the lives of real people that hang in the balance. Every American should know exactly what their prescriptions cost and it’s unfair that consumers in other countries get a better deal than patients in America. That must change.”-Sen. Rick Scott (R)


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