Gov. DeSantis Unveils Forward March Initative

Gov. DeSantis Unveils Forward March Initative

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 29, 2019

Governor Ron DeSantis joined the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs to announce Forward March, which is an initiative that aims to unite the combined energy and resources of Florida’s state agencies, veterans’ service organizations, private partners and local communities. Furthermore, the initiative is meant to ensure that the sunshine state is providing the very best services and support for veterans.

Commenting on the initiative, Governor DeSantis expressed that “as a veteran myself, I am proud to be Governor of the most veteran-friendly state in the country.” He added that he looks “forward to working with Director Burgess, the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs and partners across our state to ensure those who have served our country are receiving the care they need and deserve.”

In the kickoff event, there were breakout sessions that focused on issues concerning housing, mental health, emergency assistance and legal matters that were meant to help the 1.5 million veterans living in the sunshine state that receive the proper resources and tools for their contributions to the United States.

Danny Burgess, the Director of the FDVA, detailed that “Forward March is the start of an ongoing effort to determine best practices and ensure that the state of Florida sets the national standard for veteran services and support.” Moreover, praised Governor DeSantis, adding that he looks forward to working with “various agencies and veterans’ organizations in this important work to boldly serve Florida’s Veterans.”

In Forward March’s upcoming schedule, the initiative will take the next few months to meet with veterans through the sunshine state to hear their stores and address issues they may be facing while also focusing on finding ways to eliminate redundancy for effective delivery of veteran services.

In President Donald Trump’s election, veterans were highlighted as a top priority of the administration. With Governor Ron DeSantis’ election, the emphasis on helping veterans has only been heightened.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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