Support for the Wall Significantly Rises Among FL Voters

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
February 13, 2019

Friday marks the day that a new government shutdown would take place should lawmakers not reach an agreement that secures funding for a border wall.

With the last government shutdown spanning 35 days, lawmakers are quickly looking to avert a similar or even longer shutdown taking place.

In turn, it appears that President Trump and lawmakers have reached a deal that would not only secure funding for the wall but that would also avoid a government shutdown, and a recent Florida poll shows that constituents of the sunshine state are largely behind the President when it comes to his signature issue.

The President still maintains that he's weighing all his options.

In a poll released by Florida Atlantic University, 55 percent of Florida voters support a wall being built at the border compared to 37 percent that disagree with the measure. In 2018, the same poll indicated that 43 percent supported the wall and 45 percent disagreed with building it.

As expected, Republican support largely grew this year, showing that 84 percent of Republicans support the measure compared to the 73 percent in 2018 that supported it.

And, among Democrats, the opposition is still largely present, but it’s slightly less than a year ago. In the new poll, 23 percent of Democrats support building the wall.

In addition, among independents, support for building the wall surged. In the FAU poll conducted this year, 59 percent support the wall and 29 percent oppose it while 37 percent supported it last year and 43 percent were opposed to building it.

Congress is currently facing a deadline to reach a deal and have it signed by President Trump before Friday.

Also, with the change in support of the wall comes a rise in President Trump’s approval rating.

As indicated by the poll, FAU pollsters found that 41 percent of Florida voters approve of the President while 46 percent disapprove of his performance.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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