Democrats Introduce Bills to Aid Military Spouses Against Deportation

Democrats Introduce Bills to Aid Military Spouses Against Deportation

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 24, 2019

Democratic Congressman is making a push to help undocumented immigrants who are facing deportation while being married to members of the military.

Citing the case of Alejandra Juarez, Soto’s office explained that she “was deported from the United States back to her home country of Mexico.” Her husband, Sgt. Temo Juarez, is an Iraq combat veteran who served in the Marines and the Infantry Regiment of the Army National Guard, and together they raised their two U.S. born daughters Pamela… and Estela” who are 17 and 8 respectively.

Introducing the “Protect Patriot Spouses Act” and the “Private Bill for the Relief of Alejandra Juarez,” Soto made the case for ensuring that these proposals go through.

At a media event this week, Soto expressed that “Alejandra’s departure from the United States was heartbreaking.”

He further explained that he “joined the Juarez family at the airport the day of the deportation and witness how devastating Trump’s immigration policies can be, literally tearing families apart. Since that day, I made a promise to the Juarez family to never give up fighting to reunite them. Just like Temo Juarez defended our country abroad and never gave up when we needed him most. Now, he needs us.”

He concludes by asserting that the legislation will help “not only the Juarez family, but the over 11,800 military families who are at-risk of deportation. This continues to be the perfect opportunity for both political parties to come together and act to make sure we’re standing by our military families. Now in the majority, we are optimistic this legislation will move forward, giving Alejandra hope to soon reunite with her family in her home, the United States.”

So far, Congressman Soto has amassed the support of 7 other cosponsors, and all of them are Democrats.

There is no counterpart in the Senate.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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