Democrats Combat Corcoran’s new Role as Education Commissioner
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Democrats Combat Corcoran’s new Role as Education Commissioner


With the announcement that Richard Corcoran would be taking over as Education Commissioner under Governor Ron DeSantis, Democrats have emerged in full force, calling Corcoran a horrible choice for public-education.

As Education Commissioner, Corcoran has committed himself to expanding technical and vocational programs, improving curriculums, revising the education standards and ensuring that 80 percent of the funding for education is spent in the classroom.

He explained “that wherever we can expand choice, as Gov. DeSantis has said, and it’s forensically proven to be an uplifting, tremendous outcome for the children, we’ll say it today. We’ll say it tomorrow. We’ll say it forever. The whole focus is on giving every single child the opportunity at a world-class education. They deserve no less.”

Still, Democratic lawmakers in the sunshine state have been commenting on their concern over the shape of education under former House speaker Richard Corcoran.

Gwen Graham, former congresswoman and candidate for the Democrat primaries in the governor’s primaries, noted that “It’s so sad to me, and I just keep going back to Richard Corcoran’s … selection as commissioner of education. It’s very painful for me. It’s not personal. I know Richard Corcoran. I believe that he ideologically 100 percent believes in what he believes in. I just happen to believe he’s wrong. Of all that’s happened since Nov. 6 that’s been difficult for me, it’s been that selection.”

In addition, Terrie Rizo, the Florida Democratic Party Chair, commented that “No one has done more to hurt Florida’s public schools while serving in the Florida Legislature than Richard Corcoran. His legacy consists of demonizing educators, and giving money to unaccountable, for-profit charter schools, including one that is run by his wife. As Education Commissioner he will continue his mission of destroying our public school system. His appointment as Education Commissioner is a disservice to our children and all Floridians.”

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