VP Joe Biden Endorses Sean Shaw as AG “Florida Desperately Needs”
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VP Joe Biden Endorses Sean Shaw as AG “Florida Desperately Needs”


Vice President Joe Biden is jumping into Florida Politics, and he’s done so by endorsing Sean Shaw in his bid to become the sunshine state’s next Attorney General.

In a news release, the former Vice President called Shaw a “fighter with a proven track record of standing up for the little guy,” Vice President Biden also said that “Sean Shaw will be the kind of Attorney General that the state of Florida desperately needs.”

In response to the endorsement, Shaw likened the work he wants to do if elected to the work done by the Vice President. He explained, “Much like Vice President Biden did during his time in the White House, I plan to give issues surrounding common-sense gun reform and tackling sexual assault, the focus, and attention that they deserve. The grace with which Vice President Biden has carried himself, through both triumph and tragedy, is a lesson in the resilience of the human spirit.”

In Shaw’s bid to become Florida’s next Attorney General, he faces Ashley Moody, a Hillsborough Circuit Court Judge, who’s been endorsed by the current Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

As a former state insurance consumer advocate, Shaw has propped himself as a candidate that will be stronger than Moody in office. When speaking on his effect in office, Shaw explained that “People want someone that is aggressive and holding everyone accountable. Who do you want to be your lawyer? Someone that wants to go up there and be aggressive and fight on your behalf or someone that wants to act like they’re the general counsel to the Republican Party?”

With Michelle Obama hitting the campaign trail for candidates in this midterm election, there is no word as to whether or not Joe Biden will also be campaigning for Democratic candidates for the November elections.

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