Senator Nelson Disregards Polls Showing Scott With an Advantage
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Senator Nelson Disregards Polls Showing Scott With an Advantage


These last couple of weeks have seen polls released showing that not only is Governor Rick Scott better-liked and better-known among Puerto Ricans, but the Florida Governor also has an advantage among South Florida cubans as well. This is also in addition to Governor Scott investing a lot of money in advertisements against Senator Nelson.

In response to the polls, Senator Nelson assures that he isn’t worried about the polls. He downplayed them and explained that “all of the public polls show that the race is close. The long and short of it is, it’s gonna be a close race. But that’s amazing because he spent $25 million attacking me and it hasn’t moved the numbers. It’s been that way for months.”

Speaking to reporters after canvassing, Senator Nelson detailed that “You can see the energy that folks are approaching the campaign with. They’re playing like this is for keeps because this election is quite important. It may well determine if we have the majority in the Senate, and if we were to have the majority in the Senate, you can imagine that will become a check and balance against President Trump for him pushing through anybody he wants on the Supreme Court.”

Daniel Molina

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