“Javi” Manjarres Calls for Ted Deutch to Resign From Office
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“Javi” Manjarres Calls for Ted Deutch to Resign From Office


The controversy surrounding Imran Awan, former IT for congressional Democrats and with strong ties to Democratic Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch, has quieted down in the mainstream media. But, the criminally charged IT’s actions are now a main point of discussion in the race for Florida’s 22nd congressional district seat as Republican Javier Manjarres is calling for Ted Deutch to resign.

In an editorial, “Javi” references the recent controversy surrounding Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and the fact that Deutch has called for Putnam’s resignation. He says that Deutch should not be pointing fingers when Deutch has endorsed “radical Islamic terrorism with his involvement in and mop up effort for his former IT aide Imran Awan, who has now been criminally charged.”

He explains that anyone applying for an IT position to work for the federal government has to undergo extensive background checks, and many times even the family members of said applicant are subject to the same checks, but “Congressman Deutch and his Democratic colleagues in the House saw no concerns whatsoever with their hiring without undergoing the same level of scrutiny and security clearance that any American citizen is ordinarily subject to.”

Javi goes on to call for Deutch to resign from office and that “the House Leadership along with the FBI needs to investigate his negligence in the Awan affair and ascertain why exactly he and his colleagues were so eager to hire Awan and his associates- a group of IT techs who somehow were exempted from initial background checks- and then continued to ignore the security concerns that were raised about the Awans once they became apparent.”

Daniel Molina

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