Top Democratic congressional candidate tweets personal gun violence story
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Top Democratic congressional candidate tweets personal gun violence story


The politicizing of tragic events such as the recent mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and a dozen more injured, has become all too common in today’s cut-throat world of politics.

Shortly after the shooting, Democrats began to call for stricter gun control or “gun safety” laws to be implemented, while Republicans ‘stood their ground’ in defending American’s right to bear any arms, blaming mentally unstable individuals as being the main cause for concern, not the weapons used.

The shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School prompted one Democratic congressional candidate to tell her own personal and tragic gun violence story, and call out her congressional opponent, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R), for receiving an A-rating from the NRA and for receiving $7,000 from pro-gun supporters.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, whose father was gunned down in Ecuador by a criminal when she was only 24-years-old, told her story on Twitter.

“It is clear to me that Carlos Curbelo doesn’t understand what it’s like to be touched by gun violence. I’ve lived the reality of what gun violence does to a family; because of a criminal with a gun, my father didn’t have the chance to walk me down the aisle when I married my husband, or meet my wonderful children. There is no question that my experience shapes the way I understand gun violence in our community. It is insulting that Congressman Curbelo continues to offer lip service while accepting big campaign donations from the gun lobby.”Mucarsel-Powell via press release

Mucarsel-Powell has outlined her gun control to-do’s, if she is “lucky enough” to be elected to the U.S. Congress later this year.

“Instead of offering up backward policies that fail to address the root of the problem, here’s what I am committed to doing for the families of District 26 in Congress.

  1. Sponsor a bill to ban the sale of weapons like the one used in this week’s shooting. There’s no reason why there are military-style weapons available for purchase in Florida or any state in this country.
  2. Vote to close the gaping loophole in our system that allows dangerous people to buy guns at gun shows and through the internet.
  3. I would make sure we pass legislation for thorough background checks so that domestic abusers, those affected by mental illness, and terrorists do not have access to purchasing a gun.

These are firm actions that are immediately needed and would be more effective in ending gun violence.  If I am lucky enough to serve, have no doubt that you can count on me to fight for these three initiatives and not take a dime from gun manufacturers, the NRA, or any entity that makes money while our children pay with their lives.”

Prior to giving up the use of his Twitter account for Lent, Rep. Carlos Curbelo tweeting his condolences, as well as his disgust over the FBI’s failure to follow “protocols”, protocols that could have prevented the Stoneman Douglas school shooting.



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