Barzee Flores Hits Diaz-Balart on Health Care Record in new Advertisement

Barzee Flores Hits Diaz-Balart on Health Care Record in new Advertisement


Democrat Mary Barzee Flores has just released her first advertisement hitting her opponent, Mario Diaz-Balart, on his health care record in her bid to unseat him in Florida’s 25th congressional district.

In the 30-second advertisement titled Afford, Barzee Flores opens up about her personal life, saying that “When I was a teenager, my dad died because we couldn’t afford the health care he needed.”

She then attacks Diaz-Balart, detailing that “When Congressman Diaz-Balart takes over a hundred grand from drug companies, votes to let them raise prices and to take coverage away from people with pre-existing conditions, I know exactly how that’s hurting families. I’m Mary Barzee Flores, and I approve this message because it’s time we make health care more affordable for everyone.”

Barzee Flores assures that she believes that healthcare is a human right, saying that “In Congress, I will fight every day for health care that is truly universal and affordable for all, not just a privileged few. If given the honor to serve the people of Florida’s 25th district, they will know they have someone in Washington who has their back. Unfortunately, that’s not the case today. My opponent, Mario Diaz-Balart, has spent his 30-year political career looking out for the corporate special interests who’ve lined his pockets, not the working men and women of South Florida.”

The advertisement can be seen below:

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