Gillum Calls for Replacing ICE With Someone who Cares

Gillum Calls for Replacing ICE With Someone who Cares


The issue of immigration has amped up in recent weeks as the argument of abolishing ICE has gained momentum among Democrats. Andrew Gillum, looking to replace term-limited Florida Governor Rick Scott, is the first Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the sunshine state that is adopting the controversial position. He explains his answer by saying that it needs to be replaced with someone who cares.

Gillum explained in a news release that “I support a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes abolishment of ICE in its current form to be replaced with a more compassionate and focused agency that actually keeps us safer.”

He also added that President “Donald Trump has turned ICE into a police and child separation agency — not a border enforcement agency that treats people humanely and compassionately. A decision between security or compassionate immigration policy is a false choice; we can have them both, and I promise to fight for that as governor.”

The controversial measure has picked up momentum after Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a strong proponent of abolishing ICE, won the Democratic primary against incumbent Joseph Crowley for his seat in New York’s 14th congressional district. The win was seen as a surprise, and as a result many Democrats nationwide have adopted the position of abolishing ICE.

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