Nelson Hits Scott on Train Project

Nelson Hits Scott on Train Project


Senator Bill Nelson commented on Governor Rick Scott, his opponent, announcing a high-speed rail project that will be coming to the sunshine state soon. It’s a project that’s been in development for some time, but Senator Nelson dropped an innuendo that Governor Scott was only pursuing the project because he wanted to profit for himself.

On his twitter account, Senator Nelson wrote that “It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he’s trying to make money off this, knowing how’s he’s enriched himself as governor.”

When he was asked by the Tampa Bay Times to elaborate on his comment, Senator Nelson only added that “Why wouldn’t he be profiting in this on the basis of his M.O., which is that he’s been involved in other companies that have been doing business with the state.” He only provided cryptic comments.

In response to the comments, Governor Scott’s campaign mentioned that “This is just Bill Nelson going negative because he wanted to put taxpayer dollars on the line to fund a massive government project. Through private investment, Governor Scott is ensuring this project has zero financial risk to Florida taxpayers. While Bill Nelson is for growing government, Governor Scott is for growing jobs.”

Daniel Molina

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