‘Die-in’ Protest Heads to Disney Because of Putnam Support

‘Die-in’ Protest Heads to Disney Because of Putnam Support


After news of Publix’s endorsement of Adam Putnam to replace term-limited Florida Governor Rick Scott broke, David Hogg called for gun control advocates to take part in a ‘die-in’ protest inside Publix locations. The reason being because Adam Putnam is also back by the NRA, and he’s also an “A” rated politician.

Now, David Hogg is calling for gun control advocates to set their sights on Disney because it seems they’ve also sent money Putnam’s way in his gubernatorial bid.

Since 2015, Disney has donated $789,000 to Florida Grown, Putnam’s political committee.

Brandon Wolfe, a Pulse nightclub shooting survivor, commented that “Disney, your movies and theme parks have come to stand for what the American Dream is all about: hope, happiness and a better future for our children. As a gun violence survivor, I am begging you to stop supporting NRA sellouts like Adam Putnam.”

Putnam defended the companies have thrown their support behind him, commenting that “The state of Florida is better off because of corporate citizens like Disney and Publix. They employ hundreds of thousands of individuals, they support families, they’re generous to our communities. I hope that for political purposes people don’t try to tear down some of the best corporate citizens not just in Florida but in this country.”

A request was sent to a Disney spokeswoman to comment on the controversy but the request received no response.

Daniel Molina

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