Graham attacks Corcoran’s over his “war on public schools”
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Graham attacks Corcoran’s over his “war on public schools”


Even though she’s  in a virtual tie with Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine in the Democratic gubernatorial primary race, and should probably be focused winning the contest, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham couldn’t resist taking a shot at Republican gubernatorial candidate and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. After Putnam received the endorsement of Speaker Richard Corcoran, who decided not to run for governor against him, Graham decided that Corcoran”long-standing position on school choice would be an easy target to shoot for.  Graham stated that for 20-years, Corcoran has waged  a “war on public schools” and that “Florida’s children” would ultimately “pay the price” if Putnam was elected governor of Florida.


Javier Manjarres

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