Manjarres: “I stand by my claim” – David Hogg says he didn’t endorse him
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Manjarres: “I stand by my claim” – David Hogg says he didn’t endorse him

David Hogg, a student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, gained media attention after he became a vocal proponent of gun control laws to be enacted as a result of the Parkland school shooting that killed 17 students.
During the “Ride for Meadow” event, he attended and posed for a picture with District 22 Republican candidate Javier Manjarres and District 21 Republican candidate Derek Schwartz In the encounter, Hogg told him that he had his vote over Ted Deutch’s in the upcoming congressional race. Now, it seems he’s calling Hogg sh*t and rescinding his endorsement while calling Manjarres a liar. In a tweet, he explained that “we endorse policy not people.

But, Manjarres is sticking by his story, and he’s also highlighting the repulsive response that some Democrats have had on the matter. Manjarres explains that “I stand by my claim. Three others stood next to us and heard him say he would support me over Deutch. His supporters are nothing more than the rodents that live within the political sewer system. They have called me a racist, a bigot, attempted murderer, and also an “uncle Tomas.” This is Ted Deutch’s base of support.”
Manjarres is also calling for David Hogg and Ted Deutch to denounce what their supporters have said.
There still hasn’t been a denouncement from either figure, but this only shows just how closely watched the race will be if tensions are running high this early after Javier’s candidacy announcement.
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