Biden Proclaims 3/31 as Transgender Visibility Day

Biden Proclaims 3/31 as Transgender Visibility Day

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 31, 2024

With Americans getting ready to celebrate Easter Sunday, President Joe Biden (D) welcomed the weekend by recognizing March 31st as Transgender Visibility Day. The decision has incited criticism from Republicans, who are calling on President Biden to retract his declaration.

Making the proclamation over the weekend, President Biden reaffirmed his support for transgender Americans. The decision however has been met with sharp criticism from the president's political rivals, who are denouncing the proclamation as March 31st is already Easter Sunday.

responding to the proclamation, Evan Power, Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, slammed President Biden for drawing attention away from Easter Sunday.

"There appears to be no limit to what the Biden Administration will do to try and shove their radical agenda down the throats of the America people. As Christians gather tomorrow to celebrate Easter Sunday, one of the most holy days of the Christian calendar, President Biden thinks that it is appropriate to issue a proclamation designating Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Day of Visibility.' This comes the same day that it is reported for the first time that Christian symbolism was not allowed in the White House Easter Egg contest," he said in a statement shared on social media.

The chairman went on to comment that the president "should issue a retraction and an apology to the American people, and Nikki Fried along with all Florida Democrats should demand the same."

Donald Trump Jr. also took issue with the proclamation, commenting on social media that the decision "is not about tolerance its an insult and affront to millions of Christians here and around the world."

In contrast, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer echoed the president's remarks, sharing that "Transgender Day of Visibility, which is this weekend, is an opportunity to reaffirm our collective commitment to ensuring that Orlando is welcoming and inclusive to all. Our city will continue to stand against hate and support all residents who call Orlando home."

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