EXCLUSIVE: Republican Lawmaker Talks Communism, Adoption, Veterans' Rights

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Lawmaker Talks Communism, Adoption, Veterans' Rights

Sen. Jay Collins sits down with the Floridian, outlining anti-communism, pro-veteran, and pro-life agendas

Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
February 2, 2024

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Top Republican Lawmaker Sen. Jay Collins has proposed a slew of hard-hitting bills this session, covering issues ranging from foster homes to communism to veterans. In an exclusive interview with the Floridian, he outlined his wide-ranging agenda for 2024's legislative season.

"I am unequivocally pro-life," Collins, who is adopted, said of his child permanency bill. "But I think if we're going to be pro-life, we've got to make sure we're pro-life in every facet of that. Disproportionately, you have very little chance of success if you timeout in foster care. We can't let that happen. And it's about time that strong conservative men and women step in and fight relentlessly to give these children an opportunity and to be the best versions of themselves,"

SB 1486, which comes in the wake of Florida's 6-week abortion ban, is a package run through the Department of Children and Families. The measure aims to "reduce barriers in dependency proceedings, ensure the safety of children in out-of-home care, increase the time to permanency, and expand the financial opportunities to children in, or formerly in, the foster care system and adoptive parents".

Collins turned to SB 1264, designed to eradicate communist ideology in Florida. The bill would create a Governor-appointed communism task force within the Department of Education, assigned to develop an anti-communism curriculum to be taught from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.

"We've got to tell the truth about what communism is and isn't. We do have mandatory education in our systems, but we've got to validate that and approve that," Collins said. "This is the time for us to invest in that, and make sure that our best and brightest are talking about how to push back and make sure that we teach our children the truth about the failures of communism,"

Collins, a veteran and Purple Heart recipient, is also pushing SB 1666, a comprehensive package expanding job outreach, marketing, and support services for veterans.

"Our veterans' package draws veterans into the state and stabilizes their environment," Collins said. "200 thousand people get out per year—we want them in the state of Florida,"

He also addressed out-of-state licensure and the presence of foreign entities in the judicial process.

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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

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