Steve Scalise Endorses Trump in Crowded 2024 Primary

Steve Scalise Endorses Trump in Crowded 2024 Primary

Scalise becomes a key endorsement after recent rise among the GOP ranks

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
January 2, 2024

As 2024 Republican primary candidates scramble to take down former President Donald Trump (R), the road ahead just got a lot steeper as US Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has just endorsed the former president's campaign.

Scalise is currently the House Majority Leader for Republicans and was a favorite to replace US Rep. Kevin McCarthy after being ousted as Speaker of the House.  Scalise was initially hesitant on who to support in 2024 but solidified his choice in Donald Trump today.

"When Donald Trump was President, American workers and families were thriving.  The economy was strong and interest rates were low — grocery costs were affordable, and families could afford to buy a house and provide for their children," Scalise continued. "The border was secure and crime was down. America had secure energy policies, keeping gas and utility prices low," stated Scalise.

Scalise also got his digs in on President Biden (D), "[Biden] has driven our country into chaos with skyrocketing costs, and hardworking taxpayers are the ones paying the price," and that under his administration, "gas prices more than doubled, housing affordability reached all-time lows, mortgage rates doubled, inflation hit the highest level in 40 years, and interest rates are at the highest level in 22 years."

The Louisiana Congressman certainly feels the moment is right for Trump, as he stated Americans need "a strong leader to fix the problems Joe Biden has created and — with rising aggression from adversaries abroad — deter foreign actors who wish to harm us," noting the "over 6.2 million encounters at the southern border" and the "1.7 million known gotaways" coming and being arrested from "hundreds of countries," not just Latin America.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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