Scott Wants Transparency Over Biden's Border Bill

Scott Wants Transparency Over Biden's Border Bill

“If it’s such a good deal, let’s put it out in the public.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 25, 2024

This week, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) commented on a border bill that President Joe Biden (D) is backing. Voicing his disapproval of the bill, Senator Scott is calling on President Biden to be more transparent with the border bill.

In breaking down the president’s requests from Congress, President Biden is calling for $61.4 billion for Ukraine, $14.3 billion for Israel, $9.5 billion for unspecified humanitarian aid, $13.6 billion for border management, and $74 billion for the Indo-Pacific Region, including Taiwan.

Senator Scott however argues that President Biden is not being transparent enough with the bill. In response, he questions that “if it’s such a good deal, let’s put it out in the public. Let the public hear about it.”

Further explaining how Republicans have responded to the border bill, Senator Scott informed that “McConnell’s already said ‘we’re not gonna tie border security to Ukraine aide,’ meaning that we’re not gonna require a reduction in the number of people coming across the border to get monthly aid to Ukraine.”

“People want a real border security, they might want to support Ukraine, but we do want to get these numbers down to Trump numbers. We don’t need a change in the law… Trump did it with the same laws that Biden has now. Biden has just decided not to do it,” Senator Scott added, calling the Biden administration a “lawless administration.”

Republicans argue that illegal immigration at the southern border has become a growing concern. So much so that a recent incident took place at Eagle Pass, Texas wherein the state took hold of Shelby Park to curb illegal immigration.

Senator Scott doubts the legitimacy of President Biden’s border bill, asking “Why do we believe a new bill with no metrics to say ‘you’ve gotta reduce the numbers now to get Ukraine aid’ is gonna make a difference?”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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