Trump Hosts Fundraiser in South Florida During Next GOP Debate

Trump's absences continue to help him

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
December 1, 2023

As to be expected, former President Donald Trump (R) will be skipping the GOP primary debate once again.  However, rather than taking a break from the campaign trail, Trump will be hosting his own private fundraiser in South Florida.

It is reported that this is the first time Trump will be hosting a simultaneous program to the debates that is not open to the public.  The fundraiser will take place in Hallandale Beach to raise money for MAGA, Inc., the super PAC supporting his candidacy, multiple sources told CNN.

In a fundraising email sent to supporters this week, Trump encouraged recipients to give a donation to his joint fundraising committee to enter a contest to be his VIP guest at the event, which the email called an “end-of-year” reception.

In the mean time, other candidates will face each other head on in the state of Alabama, and event that Trump has not attended a singular time.  The Trump fundraiser will also have other faces with business professionals Steve Witkoff, Howard Lorber and Kristen Bell hosting the event.

The candidates have seemed to adjust from an absent Donald Trump, first taking swings at him, and now battling each other.  Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has sparked a mini-rivalry with Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) leaving them to fight over the 2nd or 3rd place spot.

When Trump skips these debates and leaves candidates with no blueprint of how to proceed when the frontrunner is missing, there is no risk to run.  All in all, voters are not reminded of his remarks, which has historically burned him from time to time, and new rivalries only seem petty to the average viewer.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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