Mills Warns ‘Economy is not Better’ under Bidenomics

Mills Warns ‘Economy is not Better’ under Bidenomics

“We know that the price of gas is still extremely high when you think about what it was under the previous administration.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 27, 2023

Florida Rep. Cory Mills (R) denounced ‘Bidenomics’ this week, arguing that it has not made the economy better. With President Donald Trump (R) now polling higher than President Joe Biden (D), Rep. Mills notes that it’s because “we know the economy is not better.”

During an interview with Fox News, Rep. Mills discussed how Americans are feeling the economic repercussions of the Biden administration. His comments come after President Biden called on news sources to fix their reporting on the economy. Considering that Americans are making purchases for the holiday season, things like food have significantly increased, which Rep. Mills explains “have surged by 18% over two years.”

“We know that the price of gas is still extremely high when you think about what it was under the previous administration,” Rep. Mills said, commenting that this has led to the Biden administration sinking in the polls “with 39% approval rating in his overall job.”

In turn, Rep. Mills notes that Americans “know when they stick their hand in their pocket under the Biden administration, or Bidenomics, you have far less than what you had under the Trump administration.”

Sharing the interview segment on social media, Rep. Mills further argued that the Biden administration is trying to sell a “lie that the economy is good and reporting is bad.” However, “bad reporting isn’t the reason over a third of Americans considered skipping gifts altogether – it’s the reality of Bidenflation this holiday season” Rep. Mills argued.

Over the weekend, President Biden took part in an interview with reporters wherein he slammed reporters on the way they’re discussing the economy.

“Start reporting it the right way,” President Biden said when he was about his 2024 economy outlook.

According to a Monmouth University poll that was released last week, President Biden’s approval rating was 34%, and 70% of the respondents disapproved of his handling of inflation.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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