Haley Catching up to Trump in New Hampshire Poll

Haley Catching up to Trump in New Hampshire Poll

Since September, Ambassador Haley has doubled her support in New Hampshire.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 22, 2023

Ambassador Nikki Haley (R) has gained significant support according to the most recent New Hampshire poll. The once political friend turned rival to President Donald Trump (R) has made an effort to distance herself. According to a poll from Saint Anselm College, Ambassador Haley is now in second place in the first primary state.

Since September, Ambassador Haley has doubled her support in New Hampshire. Moreover, almost a third of Granite State voters that are likely to vote in New Hampshire’s Republican primary shared that Ambassador Haley was their preferred candidate. Despite this boost in support, President Trump still leads the rest of the Republican challengers in state-level and national polls.

In recent weeks, Ambassador Haley has received a number of coveted endorsements. The most recent endorsement came from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R).

In his endorsement, Governor Sununu praised Ambassador Haley’s work, affirming that “America has an amazing opportunity to have a president that understands national policy but that connects with communities at a retail level.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was once seen as the alternative to President Trump, but Governor DeSantis’ performance in the primary has received criticism from political pundits. Although Governor DeSantis has struggled to overtake President Trump in the polls, he’s still received endorsements from the likes of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R).

Andrew Romeo, Governor DeSantis’ campaign communications director, released a statement to USA today, commenting on Governor Sununu endorsing Ambassador Haley.

“What happens in New Hampshire will be significantly impacted by the outcome in Iowa where the true Trump alternative will emerge,” Romeo said. “And when Ron DeSantis comes out in that position he will be joined by over 60 New Hampshire state legislators who stand ready to take the fight to the establishment and their candidates of yesteryear to return power to grassroots conservatives,” he added.

In addition to leading his Republican challengers, President Trump is also leading President Joe Biden (D) in national polls.

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Daniel Molina

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