Trump Jr. Wants Laura Loomer for Press Secretary, DeSantis World's Heads Explode

Trump Jr. Wants Laura Loomer for Press Secretary, DeSantis World's Heads Explode

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
November 10, 2023

With former President Trump's (R) poll numbers only soaring to heights never seen before, many in the Republican Party have accepted that he will probably be the eventual nominee.  Now, Donald Trump Jr. is on the campaign trail for his dad and was entertained by the prospect of Laura Loomer being the president s White House Press Secretary.

On a live stream for his "Triggered" podcast, where he took questions from fans, Trump Jr. responded to a comment about Loomer possibly becoming press secretary in a Trump administration.  Trump Jr. responded by calling her a, "Bulldog," and added through laughter, "I'd love her to be Press Secretary just to see DC explode."

Trump Jr. added, "There's only a couple of people you could talk about putting in positions like that.  Mike Davis as Attorney General, you almost have to, just to send that shot across the swamp."  After Trump Jr. ceased his ironic rant, media outlets were quick to respond.

Media Matters clipped the moment on X and detailed the controversial histories of Loomer and David.  Media Matters called Loomer, "pro-white nationalism," and Davis' previous statements called for a, "reign of terror," on all of Trump's political enemies.

Well, Loomer is not in the White House right now, but that hasn't stopped progressive and the DeSantis clown world (online agitators) from losing their shit with the thought that Loomer could be tapped as a spokeswoman.

"BASED! I gladly accept. PRESS SECRETARY LAURA LOOMER! I like the sound of that! When do I start," stated Loomer on "X."

The online comments by DeSantis supporters are priceless. Priceless.

Publisher Javier Manjarres contributed to this story. Follow Javier on "X"

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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