Loomer Calls Out Riley Gaines for Endorsing DeSantis After Getting Paid by Campaign

Loomer Calls Out Riley Gaines for Endorsing DeSantis After Getting Paid by Campaign

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
November 17, 2023

Investigative journalist and former Congressional candidate Laura Loomer called out former University of Kentucky swimmer and advisor to Independent Women’s Voice, Riley Gaines, for being “paid out” for endorsing Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Gaines made headlines after she spoke out against UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

In a tweet, Loomer posted screenshots of Federal Election Commission (FEC) receipts allegedly demonstrating that the DeSantis campaign had paid Gaines over $10,000 for "political strategy consulting."

Loomer deleted her original tweet which included a personal address of Gaines, but has not apologized, claiming that it was already public record. She reposted the tweet, blurring out the address.

“EXCLUSIVE: I can now confirm that Riley Gaines was paid for her endorsement of Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign! In June of 2023, Riley announced that she was endorsing DeSantis over Trump. FEC records show that she was paid out on 8/02/2023 for endorsing Ron,” said Loomer. “Riley, you have had a long run, pretending to be a victim after you got beat by a man. But, now you have turned your victim hood into deception and financial gain, and sadly, someone along the way hypnotized you into believing that you are a political expert.”

Gaines responded to the original tweet by mentioning that this “EXCLUSIVE” was already reported by another news outlet.

“Your ‘investigative skills’ must not be as good as you constantly tout. This was posted Oct 19 by the Boston Globe. Plus, it wasn't a secret anyways. I joined Desantis in South Carolina for an event earlier this year and was compensated for my time. That's how it works,” said Gaines. Who's gonna tell her I was also offered a paid spot by Trump's team prior? Cry harder that you kiss his butt for free.”

She concluded, “And as for posting my address (even if it is public record) when it could've easily been blacked out, that's low even for someone with as little class as you. Btw, I've never seen myself as a victim and I've surely never claimed to be a political expert. Far from it, but I can proudly say that my election record isn't 0-2.”

Gaines swam against Lia Thomas in the 2022 NCAA Championships and lost to the then-22-year-old man.

Publishers' Note—

Loomer did not dox Gaines by posting an FEC record. Sure, Loomer should have initially blocked it out like she eventually did, but this is on Gaines and or the DeSantis campaign. Gaines could have given another address, and the DeSantis campaign could have posted another address as well.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

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