Casey DeSantis Demands Israeli Children Held Hostage by Hamas Be Released

Casey DeSantis Demands Israeli Children Held Hostage by Hamas Be Released

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
November 17, 2023

First Lady Casey DeSantis is demanding that children being held hostage by Hamas be released immediately.

Yesterday, Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to First Lady Jill Biden in which she asked her to work toward the immediate release of the Israeli hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza calling it a "crime against humanity"

"Dear Jill, I am writing to you not only as Bibi's wife but first and foremost as a mother to you as first lady and a mother. For over a month now, 32 children have been held kidnapped in Gaza, brutally torn from their parents and their homes. These children are surely suffering from untold trauma, not only being kidnapped, but having witnessed the brutal murder of their parents and siblings on that brutal October 7th," wrote Mrs. Netanyahu in a letter posted to X.

At 6:30 a.m. on October 7, Hamas, the Iran-backed terror group controlling Gaza, launched an unprovoked and vicious surprise attack on over 20 communities in Israel killing over 1200 people.

Hamas kidnapped around 240 people - aged between nine months and 85 - during the October 7 attack, the Israeli military has said.

The letter goes on to describe a pregnant woman who was kidnapped and gave birth while in captivity and a child who was kidnapped before he learned how to walk.

"We must speak out on behalf of these children. We must call for the immediate release of them and all those being held," wrote Netanyahu. "This nightmare that began over a month ago must end. These children need our help."

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis took to X to reply to Mrs. Netanyahu.

"Shouldn't even have to ask for this to be said, and it can't be said loud enough. Hamas must release every single hostage immediately, lay down their weapons, and unequivocally surrender," posted Mrs. DeSantis. "Release all hostages NOW!"




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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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