Salazar Says GOP ‘Committed’ to Govern After McCarthy Vote

Salazar Says GOP ‘Committed’ to Govern After McCarthy Vote

“We have a few members that are just not in line with what the Republican party represents.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 4, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) has been ousted, and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) is basking in the spotlight. While speaking to reporters outside of the Capitol, Rep. Gaetz doubled down on the move to oust Speaker McCarthy. Though pundits argue that the House is now in disarray, Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R) assures that Republicans are “committed” to governing for the American people.

Shortly after being ousted from his role as Speaker of the House, Rep. McCarthy announced that he would not be running for the role again. With North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry (R) now serving as speaker pro tempore, the House now sets its sights on electing a new speaker.

8 lone Republican members of congress voted to oust the speaker, and in an interview with CNN, Rep. Salazar commented that the rest of the party does not share their beliefs.

“we have a few members that are just not in line with what the Republican party represents – moderates and conservatives,” Salazar told Anderson Cooper.

Though she doesn’t agree with the results of the vote, Salazar says that the country should now “look forward” to any positive outcomes that can come from the event.

“We have a problem with the border, and we have a problem with spending, and that was all we heard in that debate,” Salazar expressed, adding that the country has “a major fiscal issue.”

Salazar then highlighted her Dignity Act as legislation that both Republicans and Democrats could support in order to remedy issues with illegal immigration.

Sharing her interview segment on social media, Salazar wrote that the vote to oust McCarthy “showed us that while democracy can be messy, House Republicans remain committed to governing for the American people.”

As lawmakers look for another speaker of the house, Texas Rep. Troy Nehl’s has announced that he will be nominating President Donald Trump (R) for speaker of the house.

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Daniel Molina

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