Rubio Warns Against Government Shutdown

Rubio Warns Against Government Shutdown

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 1, 2023

Current funding is expected to run out this weekend, and lawmakers are bracing for a government shutdown. As lawmakers scurry to find a way to keep the lights on, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) spoke against the government shutdown.

On social media, Senator Marco Rubio shared segments of an interview with Fox News. Democrats have gone on record placing blame on Republicans and "far-right" members of the party for causing the shutdown, but Rubio begs to differ.

"I hate these shutdowns. I don't think we should have them," Rubio warned. "We had a bill last week. A bunch of Republicans supported it. We could vote for it... if Chuck Schumer would allow it. That would prevent the shutdowns in the future, but it's where we seem to find ourselves now on a sort of a 3 or 4 year cycle," Rubio explained.

He went on to posit that "the right way to do this is to pass appropriations bills." "We had time to do more of that here in the House and Senate. It got caught up for some reasons but at least we got them out of committee. The house is going to try to do that now, but that can't happen by Saturday night in time to prevent a shutdown."

Criticism has been directed to House Republicans over some members having disagreements with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R). One of the Republicans leading the charge against McCarthy is Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R).

During an appearance on the National Desk with Jan Jeffcoat, Gaetz explained that the House is focused "on funding the government through single subject appropriations bills and we really got a lot of positive momentum.”

“The House of Representatives has now passed legislation to fund our veterans to fund our Department of Defense and to defend our Department of Homeland Security. These are the core functions of government,” Gaetz added.

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Daniel Molina

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