Gimenez and Salazar: Abandoning Ukraine Will Bolster China

Gimenez and Salazar: Abandoning Ukraine Will Bolster China

Michelle Rosenberg
Michelle Rosenberg
October 2, 2023

Reps. Carlos Gimenez and Maria Salazar caution that the U.S. withdrawing support from Ukraine could strengthen China's global position.

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Gimenez delved deep into the nuances of the current U.S. foreign policy concerning Ukraine. While the ongoing debates surrounding President Biden's strategy have been a frequent topic of discussion, Gimenez emphasized not only the immediate implications but also the cascading effects on global alliances.

Rep. Gimenez voiced his reservations about Biden's current stance in Ukraine, articulating, "I'm not crazy about the policy that President Biden is carrying out in Ukraine."

However, he was quick to stress the bigger picture. Highlighting the risk of global perception, he commented, “But for us to abandon Ukraine right now sends a really bad message around the world that America is not a security partner that you can trust.”

Gimenez's concerns weren't solely focused on Europe. Turning his attention to the Asia-Pacific landscape, he underscored the potential domino effect. "There are countries like Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines," Gimenez noted, "that will be scrutinizing our commitment to Ukraine closely." The underlying message was clear: wavering support for Ukraine might inadvertently push these pivotal nations closer to China's orbit.

In addition to his insights on Asia-Pacific relations, Gimenez touched upon the broader geopolitics at play. He suggested that any perceived inconsistency in U.S. foreign policy could have unforeseen ramifications on its global partnerships. With nations watching and weighing their strategic alignments, the U.S. stance on Ukraine could set a precedent for future alliances and partnerships.

Echoing these sentiments, Rep. Maria Salazar, also representing Miami, conveyed a similar stance in her recent conversation with WLRN. Advocating for continued funding for Ukraine, Salazar stressed the importance of the U.S. showcasing its reliability as a global partner while maintaining pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She emphasized, “Vladimir Putin could say, OK, look, Biden is pretty weak and Congress abandoned the Ukrainians. Now why don't we try Poland?” Salazar further warned that pulling back support for Ukraine would cultivate “a major, monstrous problem” not only for the U.S. but the global stage as a whole.

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Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg is a graduate student at Florida International University pursuing a Master of Arts in Global Affairs with a concentration in Globalization and Security. She is also a district constituent services intern for Senator Marco Rubio and has an extensive professional background in the legal industry. In addition to her contributions to The Floridan, Michelle also founded The Emet Times, an online news source dedicated to issues related to Israel and the Jewish community.

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