Trump Team Celebrates AP Poll

Trump Team Celebrates AP Poll

“When even left-wing propaganda like the Associated Press is delivering bad news for Biden, that’s when you know it really is that bad.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 6, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's presidential campaign is celebrating a streak of high poll numbers this week as a recent Associated Press (AP) poll could spell danger for President Joe Biden (D). Coming off the heels of a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) poll that showed voters feel President Donald Trump (R) has a “vision for the future,” the AP poll shows that voters aren’t too thrilled about President Biden.

Team Trump sent a message to supporters, citing the AP poll and commenting on the results.

“When even left-wing propaganda like the Associated Press is delivering bad news for Biden, that’s when you know it really is that bad,” the message reads.

According to a new AP poll, “an overwhelming 77% of Americans find Crooked Joe UNFIT to serve as president,” the team comments, adding that “that figure includes not only Republicans, but 74% of Independents, and yes, even 69% of Democrats as well.”

In a WSJ poll released this week, voters were asked on a number of topics related to the Biden administration. According to the poll, 36% of voters argue that Biden is mentally fit for the presidency while 46% believe that Trump is mentally fit to be president. Similarly, 58% of voters say that the economy has gotten worse over the past two years while 28% say that it’s gotten better.

Further commenting on the AP poll, the Trump team added that “the very same poll asked voters what one word or phrase comes to mind when describing Biden,” which yielded, according to the Trump team, the words “senile” and “retire.” The poll in fact shows that Democrats feel both Biden and Trump are “too old” while Republicans argue that Biden is old and that Trump is not too old to run for office.

This comes the same week that Alex Soros, the new head of the Open Society Foundation, penned an op-ed for POLITICO, which braces the organization for the possibility of President Trump winning the 2024 election.

Since announcing his intention to run, Trump has been the clear frontrunner in the Republican primary. There’s no word on whether he’ll be attending the second primary debate.

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Daniel Molina

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