Scott Wants Congressional Delegation to Visit China and Address Human Rights  violations

Scott Wants Congressional Delegation to Visit China and Address Human Rights violations

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
September 18, 2023

Washington, D.C.- U.S. Senator Rick Scott explained today the strategy he believes the recently announced Bipartisan Congressional Delegation to Communist China should adopt. 

The delegation, led by Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, will visit China in October in an attempt to cool tensions with the communist state. 

Senator Scott called for the delegation to address human rights abuses, privacy concerns, economic competition, and a score of additional injurious actions executed by China. 

Via press release, Scott criticized Schumer’s voting record on China, claiming that Schumer’s policies have benefitted China at the expense of American interests. 

“Just in the last two years, Schumer led the pro-Communist China ‘CHIPS Bill’ which allowed semiconductor manufacturers like Intel to maintain MASSIVE operations in Communist China,” fumed Scott. 

Tensions between the US and China over competing economic, national security, ideological, and military interests have noticeably increased in the past few months.  

Senator Marco Rubio recently called for the consideration of levying new sanctions on China amid their ties to Venezuela’s authoritarian regime.  Rubio pushed for transparency regarding risks surrounding Chinese entities and their support of Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

Both Florida Senators Rubio and Scott have steadfastly opposed and criticized initiatives to normalize relations with states who continue flouting US interests and international law. 

A comprehensive list of Scott’s actions to counteract Chinese foul-play was recently published by his staff. As of late, Scott wrote to the Biden administration urging the denial of entry for authoritarian regime’s leaders seeking entry to the United States for an upcoming UN summit.

Rubio commended Scott’s communication to the White House via twitter. 

Welcoming tyrants, like Díaz-Canel, Maduro, Ayatollah Raisi, or Ortega to our nation, sends a horrible message to the countless victims who have suffered under their authoritarian grip,” said Rubio. 

The US could theoretically detain and prosecute such dictators under the “Universality” principle. 

However, the Biden administration, considering they have not signaled if the dictators’ passage into the US will even be restricted, does not seem prepared to detain, nevermind prosecute, such foreign heads of state. 

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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