Rubio Slams Biden for not Protecting American Interests

Rubio Slams Biden for not Protecting American Interests

“Free enterprise is going to give you the most efficient outcome.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 26, 2023

With voters expressing doubt over President Joe Biden’s (D) reelection campaign, Republicans are sounding the alarm on the last four years. While speaking on the Aaron Renn show, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) slammed the Biden administration, arguing that Biden has not protected American jobs and interests.

During the interview, Rubio admitted that the United States has “made a series of economic decisions over the last 30 years grounded in the belief that when it came to the economy and national life, nationhood no longer mattered, that it didn’t matter where the jobs were located or even what industries we had, that efficiency was all that mattered.”

Rubio supports free enterprise, and contrasting it with socialism, Rubio explained that “free enterprise is going to give you the most efficient outcome where money should move and where jobs should be and so forth.” However, Rubio laments that the U.S. has forgotten about the national interest.

“It is more efficient to make some of these things in China or India or Vietnam,” Rubio noted, “but it’s not in our national interest to wipe out entire industries and the jobs that sustain the American middle class, the reliable, dignified, good-paying jobs that didn’t just provide a paycheck, but allowed people to do things like own a home and help build communities and retire with dignity, and gave them the sort of stability.”

Moving away from a focus on the national interest, he argues, has had significant negative effects. This includes people not getting married and people seeing that having a willingness to work is not enough. Subsequently, Rubio says that this leads to “things like opiate addiction, Rust Belt destruction of entire communities, less children being born, families being broken apart, and all these other pathologies.”

To remedy them, Rubio argues that lawmakers must ensure “that the creation of good, stable jobs for people that don’t have advanced degrees is a national interest again and taken into account when we’re balancing out economic decisions.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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