Gimenez Congratulates Florida House Speaker-Designate Danny Perez

Gimenez Congratulates Florida House Speaker-Designate Danny Perez

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
September 19, 2023

On the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) congratulated State Representative Daniel Pérez for being selected as the next Speaker of the Florida House.

Both State Rep. Perez and U.S. Rep. Gimenez graduated from Christopher Columbus High School in Miami.

Rep. Gimenez stated, “I rise today to honor and congratulate State Representative Danny Perez on being formally selected as the next Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Most importantly to me and to all my fellow Explorers, Danny Perez will be the first Christopher Columbus High School graduate to serve as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Senator Marco Rubio paved the way as the very first Cuban-American Speaker of the Florida House and now Speaker Designate Perez will be just the third Cuban-American to ever serve in that role.”

He finished his remarks by saying that he is looking forward to “continue working with Speaker-Designate Perez.”

“I look forward to continuing working with Speaker-Designate Perez. I am confident that he will continue being a champion for Miami-Dade County, for the State of Florida, and a responsible steward of our taxpayer dollars,” concluded Gimenez. “Adelante Danny, adelante. We are all so proud of you!”

Moreover, regarding the formal impeachment inquiry set forth by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Rep. Gimenez recently stated “If I were [President Joe] Biden, I’d be scared.”

Gimenez appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal voicing his support for the inquiry and speculating on how it will move forward.

"I agree with the Speaker's actions. I think there is plenty of evidence there to support an inquiry. And this is what it is, an inquiry: We need to look deeper into the affairs of the Biden family, including the President of the United States. We have to do our Constitutional duty, and if you have evidence that there may have been some wrongdoing, we have to pursue it," said Rep. Gimenez.

He would also bring up the evidence brought forward by House Republicans such as the supposed shell companies set up under the names of various Biden family members, Hunter Biden's time on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and testimony provided by witnesses such as Devon Archer.

"So, the President has been caught in a bunch of lies, and we have looked further into it because you know what? This money just did not come from inside the United States. It came from countries outside the United States, countries that are adversaries of the United States, and so that makes it a very serious business. And it is our Constitutional duty to make sure nothing is going on here," Gimenez continued.

The Florida congressman represents the 28th District.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

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